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Different types of registries

There are a number of registries and not all registries are the same, some are more important than others as they carry more weight both in society and a court of law. 

The highest ranking registry is ecclesiastic (the church).  When you were born, your parents may have taken you to their church to baptise/christen you and immediately insert your name in the church registry.  The advantage of a church registry is that it is recognised and respected by all those who practise that religion worldwide, and all courts. 

The next highest registry is a Royal Registry. 

The King/Queen of a country create a registry to record the names, occupations, belongings and affiliations of all of their subjects. 

They may also issue identification certificates such as passports, licenses, etc. which further strengthens your identification within the community. All subjects of the kingdom recognise the Royal Registry as do the courts within the kingdom. 

Then there are commercial/ corporate registries. 

This is a specific registry for the purpose of trade and contract.  It is limited to corporations, corporate trusts, etc. 

It has its own set of rules, which are dictated by the registrar and it is only recognised by specialised courts (admiralty, administrative tribunals, etc.). 

The last type of registry is associations and clubs. Such as Animal Breeders Association, Medical Board, Lawyers Association, Football Club, Bird Watching Club, etc.   These clubs and associations have limited recognition as they are generally localised and specific, and limited relevance in a court of law. 

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