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With one foot planted firmly into the earth, the other one climbing the paths to the Heights, my head is trying to reach the firmament.  I am an artist who wants her work to serve a good purpose: changing the world, helping to make the system obsolete, balancing both material and spiritual life. 

I make mine the words of Michel Potay, the witness of The Revelation of Arès:


The function of the artist is to make the world feel in music and colour the immense variety of human emotions, of all the different possibilities of looking at humanity, of the Truth in a certain way."

Starting a painting career decorating public spaces in Bruxelles, I moved to canvas painting to find more freedom and creativity.  I then would express myself more profoundly and create images that reflect my spiritual journey and share hope through exhibitions and offering my work for sale.

After leaving Europe for Oceania, I obtained a degree in Adult Learning in New Zealand and have now settled in Victoria, Australia with my husband, Peter, and a herd of goats.  I am in the process of building a large assembly space and workshops to welcome people of all ages to learn artistic skills such as drawing and painting.

Besides toiling on this project and the land, I am also finding great joy in creating customised coats of arms, assisting others in their quest for autonomy, sovereignty, and freedom.  What characterises everyone’s uniqueness, past, present, and future, I translate into symbols and colours.  I find the entire process of assisting individuals to present who they are and illustrate their true identity - which is the condition of being oneself and also perhaps finding their true nature and purpose- highly rewarding for us all.

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