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Why 'Royal'? 

As members of the Commonwealth, we are subjects of the Crown and conduct our affairs within the boundaries of the Commonwealth in accordance with the Commonwealth Constitution of Australia 1900-01. 


We the people are the Crown and in that capacity we have agreed to a monarchy presiding over our Commonwealth.  The head of this monarchy is referred to as the King or Queen but the Crown, for all intents and purposes, comprises the people.   


The monarch reigns over the Commonwealth and performs their functions in favour of the people and for the benefit of the people and has sworn an oath to serve the people; not the other way around. 


Indeed, we the people pledge an oath of allegiance to the Crown but not servitude.  We are not slaves nor servants of the Crown, we are subjects, and each one of us has the same rights, privileges and powers.  Kings and Queens may come and go, but the people remain.  

As Royal subjects, we enjoy the privileges and protection afforded by the Crown, including a navy, an army and airforce to protect our soil, and a legal system to protect our souls. 

A Royal registry must perform to the highest standard ('King's Standard') and is deemed the most reputable. It is a civil registry for the benefit of the people and not a private corporation.  

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